Friday, 9 December 2011

Rumble in the Jungle

The new man in my life made the biggest mistake last night. We were laying there, wrapped up in the blankets trying to get to sleep and he rolled over and asked me the most typical question, "What are you thinking about?". Now, you know how at the start of a new relationship, you always want to know what is swirling around in your partners thoughts, hoping they will give you some perfect answer like, "I'm thinking about how much I love you" or "I just want to rip my clothes off and make love to you" or anything else that possibly runs along the usual thought patterns at 12.30am. You hope they are having the same thoughts as you, usually spurring on some crazy passionate moment that only can come from you asking that simple question.

With me...... this doesn't happen. To those who know me, It would come as no surprise to know that I don't work the way other people usually do. Or at least... my brain doesn't.  I mention on my profile that i think about weird things.... This of course, is no exception..

I know what they want to hear, and usually I'm kind enough to create something beautiful or passionate to say to them to please their expectations... But last night I just couldn't. I was thinking the most outlandish thing, so I could not stop myself from sharing it with him. He is laying there, thinking about me and us and what's going on in this newly formed relationship..... And I'm laying there thinking about how you could ride a roller coaster through a jungle by using a fence post rather than a motorised cart.
I should probably explain my thought process..... because my mind jumps from one weird thing to the next, leaving me with one big pile of the most insane thoughts that could ever run through a humans mind.
It stated by thinking about how much I would like to be riding a roller coaster instead of laying in bed, which moved my thoughts to the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts (One of the best games from my teenage years), and how cool it is when Tarzan slides down the tree trunks to get to the lower areas of that level. This then spurs my crazy brain forward to thinking about how much it would hurt to slide down the roller coaster tracks with your bare feet, So obviously, I imagined you were standing on a plank of wood. But then, balance comes to play...... You couldn't just have it straight across the two tracks.. because you would be propelled forward or backward.. so you'd have to turn it diagonally and try to ride it that way.

It was during this thought that Davyd decided to ask me what I was thinking about... And jeez did he get a surprising answer. No need to say that he wont be asking me that question again anytime soon!

Monday, 14 November 2011


It is 12:12am.  Alone, I am sitting on my couch taking in all that surrounds me. Darkness. The sound of rain. The dim screen light illuminating my face. The flashes of Lightning continue to engulf the darkness as the thunder drowns out Clair de Lune, which has played on repeat five times by now. Davyd Stockman and I talk about why we love those with so many flaws... and how it is those flaws that make someone so perfect in our eyes. We discuss life, like living it will occur some time in the future. In this present moment, our only concern is with what will occur, not what is occurring in front of our very eyes. Another lighting strike. Another repeat of Clair de Lune. More incessant rain. How could life appear so perfect in this single moment, when there is so much stress, concern, unanswered questions and unknown outcomes. It is these moments of clarity that submerge me in a sense of realisation... Whilst everything seems hazy, Life finds a way to show us why we are here. To observe. To listen. And to find beauty even in the darkest of nights.

It is 12.25 am. Alone, I am sitting on my couch taking in all that surrounds me. Darkness. Clair de Lune. The dim screen light illuminating my face... The rain has finally disappeared.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sloth Love*

Dedicated to Brooke Amity Stamp.














* I actually have no love for the sloth.. Sadly, their extended limbs freak me out and their smeary black faces make me laugh.  Whilst finding these images meant me sifting through hundreds of freaky sloth photos from the internet, it was definitely worth the effort... Plus I used it as a way to procrastinate.. that I LOVE!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Keyboard Warriors

Over my lifetime, I've lived by the phrase "If you don't like what you see, don't look", and I think it's about time others start following suit. Basically, it means that if you see something and hate it, just stop bloody looking. Don't make it your business to comment on it, don't feel that its your responsibility to write horrible things to people or to stick your nose into something that in no way relates to you. Now, I know at times we ALL judge others on appearance, ability or actions. This is a natural human instinct. But I just do not understand the minds of Keyboard Warriors. They are those people you see writing cruel comments on people YouTubes, writing negative comments on Facebook and just being plain weak. Nothing said over a computer counts. Just as much as this doesn't count! Why cant people just be positive and optimistic? And stop making everything their problem! I'm sure your mothers told you that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. You aren't cool, strong or better than anyone if you become a keyboard warrior. You just become another person who no one cares about. Maybe it's time for you to start practising what your parents once preached.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Holding My Threads

Written By Moira Cotnoir

When I am not surrounded by It, I have no desire for It.
I dread It, I fault It, but as soon as I am somewhat in reach of It, I get pulled towards this pleasure that I know will leave me disappointed, ignorant and doubtful. It will take away the threads of my confidence that I had collected during my time away. These threads are what It pulls on to achieve what It has set out to do. Somehow It leaves with pride and arrogance, as if It has won a unique game of chess. According to It, I am unique. One of a kind. But I fail to see this. I wonder whether these words are used on others as "unique" as myself.

It knows the possibilities, It can read my thoughts and It knows my intentions before I do. Yet It watches me figure out what It evidently already knows. All that time spent juggling the pros and cons just seems like a step in order for It to achieve Its desired outcome.

At the end I am left feeling naive. I can't understand how It has won once again and although I wish to believe I'll know better next time, I am somewhat aware that I will meet It again and be captivated by this attractions It lays upon me.

With me writing this It wins again. So congratulations.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Taylor Allan

To my dearest Taylor Roscoe Allan,
I cannot believe you are finally twenty freaking one! I'm not really sure why it is more important than turning twenty but I'm gonna follow the crowd and make a huge deal out of it. From stupid years 10's who bonded over Kingdom Hearts to now. It has been so lovely sharing so many amazing and hilarious moments with you.
So I'm not sure where to start from... but the beginning seems like a great place to start. I remember being a little tyke in year seven and all the girls coming up to me like OMG TAYLOR!! there is a BOY TAYLOR! you guys should be friends. And I was all like pft whatever man! hahaha but then we bumped into each other and you were so excited that we ate Mars Bars the same (first the outside and the caramel, then the inside goodness), how could we not become amazing friends!
Throughout the entirety of high school we never once had a single class together (much to our disappointment) but we made up for it by eating ridiculous amounts of tomato sauce smothered Dim Sims and ruling that stupid corner near the English block.
An interesting fact about us - you were the first boys house I ever stayed at! and I lied to my mum and said I was actually staying at Jess's house hahaha. It was about that time that we became linked as bed buddies until pretty much right now haha. Which was always great because I knew you wouldn't pull any crazy moves on me at sleepovers..I totally couldn't trust those other boys hahah too many bad experiences... but in return my nasal cavities will NEVER be the same from your stinky morning farts hahahaha.
So from the orange juice incident (I'm actually wetting myself laughing just typing this) to the time after deb when you were jumping on your bed and smacked your head into the shelf whilst you were off your face, to singing Kelly bloody Clarkson whilst playing kings cup at schoolies, you have been the one single human that can make me laugh until I cry.. Except German... his nursery rhyme singing at schoolies pretty much made my life hahahahaha But in all seriousness, you were always there for a laugh and always there for me whenever I have needed you. You are by far the most loyal friend I have and I know I can trust you with absolutely anything. I know we have sucked at catching up in the last few years, but I cannot wait to share so many more hilarious memories with you. I love you to death.
Happy 21st Birthday. x

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Five Songs to Sing About

1. Bronte by Gotye
So if you haven't already gotten into the newest Gotye Album , Making Mirrors, I strongly suggest you do!  This guy sure isn't some kind of one hit wonder that's for sure. Wally De Backer (Gotye) has an obsession with animated films, cartooning and graphic novels and he brings these loves to life through his film clips. The song Bronte is amazing, but his coinciding film clip takes the cake. I hardly watch music videos these days, but this is already the second one from Gotye I can watch over and over again.

2. The Youth by MGMT
Whilst I have known the band for a very long time, I only recently heard this song during rehearsals with Brooke Stamp for our Graduating Dance Season at the VCA. This was the first time I sat here and watched the film clip and it is HILARIOUS! The red head takes the cake for the best dance moves. Such a chilled song that keeps me sane on the tuna-like morning tram rush.

3.Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart
Yes.. That's right.... A song about Mario Kart you can sing to your loved ones and guarantees to have any girl fall at your feet (taking into account she even knows what Mario Kart is). Shown to me two years ago by my talented music buddy Myles Anderson to help get us through dreaded CFI classes, this song has remained alive and well on my ipod being listened to way too much for my own good. Sam Hart is a genius for creating this original Masterpiece. Who doesn't love a guy who sings, wears a fake moustache, and makes up songs about one of the best video games in the world? Trust me, you will love it.

4. Sure as Hell by This Providence
To be honest I cannot put my finger on the reason I love this song. Maybe it is the simplicity of the guitar.... maybe it's the lyrics... or Dan Young's amazing voice (Aussie Born Perfection of course). I'm not sure but I am in love anyway. Short but sure is sweeeeeeeetttttttt.

5.  Walk on Water or Drown by Mayday Parade
Last but definitely not the least. A song I have loved for a very long time. I saw these guys live at the start of the year (Soundwave 2011) and the whole place went off, I nearly died in the Mosh and had a beautiful boy save me from being completely suffocated by crazy crowd surfers. All in all a fabulous experience hahahha. Anyway, back to the subject of Mayday Parade. If you love this song you will love all of their Music and i strongly suggest you buy their Second Album 'A Lesson in Romantics"... I sadly know every word to every song on that thing. If this isn't your style, Check out their acoustic version HERE.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Peach Fuzz

Good Afternoon all. I realised that for a blog of my random thoughts, I haven't told you much about myself. So I decided it was high time to let you in on one of my many random secrets. It isn't a secret like "I stole her necklace" or "I eat cat food" (both just examples and definitely not TRUE!), This secret is more of an obsession..... I have this random obsession with Moustaches. Not on myself (I think I would struggle trying to grow one)... not even on my boyfriends or friends.. I think it's simply the idea of a crazy curled up hairy thing dancing on the top of your lip that gets me excited. My secret obsession nearly led me to start a blog about the epic facial bristles but I found this amazing blog Fuck Yeah Moustaches and decided mine couldnt compare. Seriously, I dont know where it even streamed from. The idea of some skinny noob twisting away at his lovely mouth locks makes me laugh. They are both seedy and attractive and practically any man who can grow one, should at one stage, sport one. Even after posting this, the fascination of the hairy nose caterpillar goes on. Enjoy mine as much as I will enjoy yours!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Compilation Post

So, you are hearing this here first lucky kids! I have made an executive decision to create an installation work. It wont be dance though, it will be something I am yet to even start playing around with. I'm not sure how exactly to define it. I would tell you my idea..... but I think a secret will be way more interesting. All you can know is it involves a whole lot of questionnaires and footage of interviews and some other things I am yet to divulge.
I will however start asking people to get involved in creating this work with me, so if you are actually interested, give me a shout out on Face book or right here in the comments box.
In other news, The third year VCA kids have scored a gig at Red Bennie's on Chapel street on Thursday 27th October! Students from both Dance and Musical Theatre are going to get involved so come along and enjoy the show and support us in raising money for our graduation ball!!
And just to make this slightly more random, here is a wicked picture of a Wolf.
This is such a weird post hahaha, Enjoy!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Dancers By Aaron Jessop

Dance for many people is an outlet for the massive build-up of angst and/or creative energies which are brought on by day to day life. Dancers are often envied for their smoking hot bodies, freedom of movement and also being able to get away with twitching and making strange noises which in any other scenario would be seen as psychologically unstable. As a young man who can barely touch his knees let alone his toes, I find the sometimes unbelievably graceful and challenging choreography becomes an unsettling reminder of the fact that I probably should have started  stretching out my uber-lanking legs a long time ago. However I still hold on to the hope that I might one day be a ninja who can backflip off a bus, fly kick a panda in the face and land upside-down suspended on one thumb.

Unfortunately, like any other claustrophobically knit community, dancers are constantly at risk of over exposure to one another. Over time this can cause serious cases of passive aggression, inbred relationships and casual bitching. Having spent fourteen years as a member of a small class at a non-conventional “hippy school”, I am no stranger to these symptoms. It is important to understand that dancers, like everyone else, are human beings and will adapt to their surroundings accordingly. By working in such a close proximity, dancers achieve an indestructible bond which for better or worse may very well exist for the rest of their lives.

The complete openness and vulnerable nature of this beautiful art form often seeps into the very life of the performer. This can lead to dancers having very colourful and sometimes quirky personalities. These traits can be amplified by lack of sleep and the occasional party binge. This constant battering of their bodies leaves dancers very prone to injury. Certain measures are taken to prevent such injuries. These include but are not limited to: long baths, foam rollers, recreational yoga and arduous massage given by their physiotherapists and/or current partner.

I will conclude that despite their misunderstood and frankly confusing oddities. The general population has accepted dancers as an important part of modern society. Not only are we pleased to have such a unique brand of human being as our friends, family members and partners, we are enthralled that there are still people out there who are willing to dedicate their lives to do the things that we can only dream of doing in order to enlighten and entertain. For that we are grateful.

By Aaron Jessop. (Who needs to start his own blog for sure.)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reckless Abandonment

Hi. I'm a pair of shoes.
I have two halves, but together we create a whole.
I am brown, worn by a man and can fit many sizes. (I'll squeeze anyone into my heart).
I am a type of shoe that takes you places. I can protect your feet from most terrains. Pavement.. Sand.. Dirt.. Grass.. Carpet.. Rocks.. Mud..  Multi Terrainer!!
I lost my owner one day, and made my way under this tree to protect myself.
It was a long and treacherous hike to get here, but I wont bore you of a story about my pain and sadness. If you've seen him, can you let him know I'm safe and unharmed.
Come find me, and be my friend. I need some friends.
I'm starting to get lonely and the ants hurt my sole.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Invading my Mind

So yesterday while getting ready for Uni in the morning, I heard this crazy noise that sounded like some Alien spaceship was above my house. Since then, all I have thought about is what I would do if we were invaded by aliens. This either means I read way too many fantasy books or my life is so monotonous, I want something insane like an alien invasion to occur to throw me into survival mode. I know its a crazy thought... but who can honestly say they know what they would do in a situation like that? Think about it........Would you bunker down in your house and hope the Government deals with it all? Would you crumble under the pressure or be the first to die? Or would you be the leader of a crazy guerrilla gang that hides out and screws around with the invaders? And then on top of all that what are the aliens here for? Resources, our planet or us?! What kills the Aliens? How do they hunt out humans? Insane thoughts but if it happened tomorrow i may just be the only person you know who has even contemplated the situation haha. But honestly, this thought is plaguing my mind so much recently I'm thinking about writing a book based on a group of people randomly teaming up and defeating the invading alien race... NOT to be mistaken with something like Tomorrow, when the War Began! It'll be different, I swear (though i do recommend reading that series, It is an amazing story). Anyway, think about Alien invasions, random Zombie outbreaks and the like. You never know when you are gonna be thrown in the deep end...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Music to my Ears

Ever sit there listening to the radio, some random song comes on and you are instantly in love? Yet the person next to you insists you turn that crap off? I constantly think about how strange we humans are, and that each and every person has their own crazy taste in music. Some like Norwegian Black metal. Some people delve into the likes of Space Synth or Chip Tune. Others immerse themselves in Indie Electro, Punk Rock, Top 40's, Aussie Hip Hop and so on.

Now you can turn around and say TB you are an idiot. EVERYONE is different. Everyone likes different things whether it be taste, style, fashion, men, women, whatever. I get it. But i think about all these unique intricacies that make us into the complex beings we are today and am just blown away that these little random things on the side of our heads (which are totally hideous may I add) can take in different wave frequencies and then deliver that to our brains which decides if we enjoy what we are listening to or not.

I cannot possibly describe my music style. I have such an eclectic collection that spans so many different genres it's hard to keep track these days. You can hear me listening to artists like Ryoji Ikeda, Keith Urban, EnyaAnberlin, Breathe Carolina, Cat StevensI see Stars, The Carpenters, Mayday ParadeThe Postal Service, Counting Crows and The Wombats. Im totally digging old school 90's and 80's music like Toto and 5ive, but also love a bit of Blink 182 to liven up the day. There is so much music available to love and enjoy and have a cheeky dance to, that I find it so hard to take in all of the ever changing culture that music is. The best I can do is max out a hard drive full of music and contemplate how random sounds made via instruments or electronics can stimulate our brains and take us to different places in our thoughts. My good friend Davyd thinks that you can definitely judge a person by the music they listen to. I have no idea if thats true or not, but I sure as hell wonder what that says about me!!  Ears are weird....

Anyway embrace your own style, love your music, dance and sing terribly and support local bands!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Nederlands Dans Theater

My brain was out the window, down the road and non-existent in my body. I had limbs and a torso with the ability to bend, twist, twirl and manipulate.. Yet the powerhub sending out the movement information had disappeared completely. As though it had been forced backward and remained stuck somewhere in the depths of my thoughts. There was no sight behind my eyes, and no sound penetrating my ears, yet I saw and heard and experienced and felt the others moving around the space. I could feel the floor... The wind my body created... I could hear my breath as my body moved freely around the space. All that I had learnt, that had been conditioned in my body, had taken a backseat. So far back that it could hardly be percieved as ever being there to begin with. Natural, untrained impulses guided my limbs and torso throughout the space. Auethentic Movement. Being only in the moment. The moment that I created. Again. And again...... Start again.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cherry Picker Extraordinaire

Ever had the feeling you're being followed? I have that feeling at the moment.... but it's not coming from humans.... it's from cherry pickers. They are at the corner of every street I walk down and I want to know why!! Why are you around every time I venture outside? Transformer or some strange conspiracy to steal me in the night? I'll never know. In February, during my trip to Tasmania(for a dance show with Drill Performance Company), I had my tarot cards read and I was told to stay open to the signs. Signs are the things that present themselves in our lives and they seem to bombard us for a while. So..... if I'm Staying open to cherry pickers... what the hell could they be telling me?? Maybe to eat more cherries.

Viva La Revolution

Soundwave is no new festival on the block. It occurs at the end of Summer, has a range of Rock, Metal and Punk bands and plays in every major city around Australia. It first originated in Perth before moving to each capital city in 07/08. Ive been to every Soundwave held in Melbourne, seeing bands like All Time Low, Anberlin, Bloodhound Gang, We the Kings, The Rocket Summer and Saosin. Absolute pro festival if you ask me. Anyway... Due to high demands for Bands wanting to tour Australia in the late September period, a spin off festival 'Soundwave Revolution' was created and is rumoured to be a once off event for 2011. Van Halen is headlining with Panic! at the Disco, Bad Religion and Alice Cooper in toe. Over the last few months, a facebook page slowly leaked information about the so called "Revolution", until finally the plans for a new festival were let loose. You should have seen what the Metal heads were writing when the first punk bands were announced, total sooks. While its gonna be a sick as day, holding it in Melton isnt really the best of venues(Melbourne).... Ive never even heard of that place.... Checkout the page, buy some tickets, and join me. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's Dunn is Done

Everyone loves Jackass. They are stupid, reckless, idiotic... yet we watch their shows and see their movies just to see what random shit they have been getting up to. Sadly this morning we woke to find that a beloved Jackass star, Ryan Dunn, died in a horrible car accident in Philadelphia. Drinking and Speeding were said to be involved, as he earlier posted a picture of him drinking on his twitter. He was a cool guy, and its sad to see him leave this world, but hopefully the quote he makes in his unreleased movie Living Will "Dyings the best thing that happened to me", is true. Check out his most famous stunt (where he sticks a toy car up his bum) here. Hope the weather is nice all, It's so cold in Melbourne I think my hands will fall off.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Love Sucks

"There comes a point when you just love someone. Not because they're good, or bad, or anything really. You just love them. It doesn't mean you'll be together forever. It doesn't mean you won't hurt each other. It just means you love them. Sometimes in spite of who they are, and sometimes because of who they are. And you know that they love you, sometimes because of who you are, and sometimes in spite of it."  Laurell K. Hamilton (Incubus Dreams)

I hate not knowing the right thing to do in sticky situations. I wish there was some Instructional book that I could read that would give me the exact advice on what I should be doing with my life. But there is nothing like that.... All we are given is a handful of Past experiences that we mould together to try and determine the best thing for the future. Sometimes you love someone. But is love always enough? I'd like to believe that is true, yet my past experiences beg to differ. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Yes... I am one of the 200 Million people that read and enjoyed the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. I was a hater at the start and refused to even acknowledge its existence in the world, but as fate would have it, I wound up with every book and movie. Even... I am sad to admit... an Edward Cullen poster which is stuck behind my bed! Buying it was a struggle so I lied to the Shop assistant and said it was for my younger sister Maddison just to avoid the embarrassment of having the blooming thing hahaha. ANYWAY. This trailer is epic, and hopefully does the book some justice unlike the first movie Twilight(Directed by Catherine Hardwicke). It seemed like they knew eachother for three days and were madly in love just like that. Never trust the movies people. Books are always the way to go. Also check out 'Midnight Sun', It is Meyer's partial draft of the book Twilight from Edward's point of view. It somehow leaked to the public and the completion has been postponed until after the Breaking Dawn movies are released. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I am a third year dancer at the Victorian College of the Arts and I thought It would be a good time to say come see my mid year performance!! Presented by Second and Third Year Dance students as well as the amazing work from Production students. The Choreographers include Neil Adams, Fiona Cameron, Rochelle Carmichael and Feng Feng Wang.

Performance Times:
Thursday 9 June- 8pm
Friday 10 June- 8pm
Saturday 11 June- 2pm and 8pm
Tuesday 14 June- 8pm
Wednesday 15 June- 2pm and 8pm

Venue: Space 28, School of Performing Arts,
28 Dodds Street, Southbank

Duration: Approximately 80 minutes, with intervals

Audience note: Please note that these performances may contain strobe lighting

Cost: $22 Adult / $16 Concession, bookings are required

Bookings: Bookings can be made online from 9 May 2011 onwards Online bookings are available until 12noon on the day of the performance. If not fully booked, any remaining tickets will be available at the Box Office prior to the performance. Please note there are no eftpos facilities at the Box Office.

Monday, 16 May 2011


My attempt to plank

Its been on our facebook's, we see people do it on the street and its even been on the news. The revolution of planking is here. For those who have been hiding under a rock, planking is when a person pretends to be a plank of wood whilst a friend takes a photo of their efforts. People have been getting into all sorts of places to aim for the most unique planking photo. Just last week a man was charged for attempting to plank on a police car. I thought I would give it a try on a ballet barre and let me tell you, its not the easiest thing to complete. For a few weeks now, I've been plunged into the world of planking and couldn't help but think "you're a douche" to just about every person that did it.... but i must admit..... its actually really funny. It makes you realise that life offers so many things that you can plank on! I strongly suggest that everyone gives it a go just once for experience.
Preferably not on a seventh floor balcony thanks...

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Barats and Bereta

When I was in Sydney at the start of the year, I came across this Youtube channel with my good friend Michael Chick. We sat there and watched every single one of Barats and Bereta's Videos. (Im sure my eyes turned somewhat square after that). My favourites definitely include A day well spentMan Vs. Toddler and 57 Seconds of Abuse. Check them out!

               I went on Space Mountain seventeen times *clap clap*

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fashion Faux Pas

Julia Coursey, Bree Longville and Myself

"The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. " Mark Twain.

Surely spending an hour to find an outfit is wrong. Grey socks on, then off, change the top, change it back to the original, try a skirt, put the grey socks back on, change the shoes, darken the lipstick, throw on a dress, hate it, curse the weather for being so terrible, put on burgundy socks, think you look decent, get told it doesn't look right, throw everything on the ground to find the stockings, try a coat, try a different coat, decide on a top, change the bra again, slip on the shoes even though you know they will hurt in an hour, put on the coat, check yourself out in the mirror, breathe.
Sometimes I truly hate being a female.