Friday, 9 December 2011

Rumble in the Jungle

The new man in my life made the biggest mistake last night. We were laying there, wrapped up in the blankets trying to get to sleep and he rolled over and asked me the most typical question, "What are you thinking about?". Now, you know how at the start of a new relationship, you always want to know what is swirling around in your partners thoughts, hoping they will give you some perfect answer like, "I'm thinking about how much I love you" or "I just want to rip my clothes off and make love to you" or anything else that possibly runs along the usual thought patterns at 12.30am. You hope they are having the same thoughts as you, usually spurring on some crazy passionate moment that only can come from you asking that simple question.

With me...... this doesn't happen. To those who know me, It would come as no surprise to know that I don't work the way other people usually do. Or at least... my brain doesn't.  I mention on my profile that i think about weird things.... This of course, is no exception..

I know what they want to hear, and usually I'm kind enough to create something beautiful or passionate to say to them to please their expectations... But last night I just couldn't. I was thinking the most outlandish thing, so I could not stop myself from sharing it with him. He is laying there, thinking about me and us and what's going on in this newly formed relationship..... And I'm laying there thinking about how you could ride a roller coaster through a jungle by using a fence post rather than a motorised cart.
I should probably explain my thought process..... because my mind jumps from one weird thing to the next, leaving me with one big pile of the most insane thoughts that could ever run through a humans mind.
It stated by thinking about how much I would like to be riding a roller coaster instead of laying in bed, which moved my thoughts to the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts (One of the best games from my teenage years), and how cool it is when Tarzan slides down the tree trunks to get to the lower areas of that level. This then spurs my crazy brain forward to thinking about how much it would hurt to slide down the roller coaster tracks with your bare feet, So obviously, I imagined you were standing on a plank of wood. But then, balance comes to play...... You couldn't just have it straight across the two tracks.. because you would be propelled forward or backward.. so you'd have to turn it diagonally and try to ride it that way.

It was during this thought that Davyd decided to ask me what I was thinking about... And jeez did he get a surprising answer. No need to say that he wont be asking me that question again anytime soon!


  1. haha.. i know exactly what guys are thinking when they ask that question- and it aint because they want a gushy answer

  2. i wish you didnt have a man in your life...