Saturday, 10 September 2011

Peach Fuzz

Good Afternoon all. I realised that for a blog of my random thoughts, I haven't told you much about myself. So I decided it was high time to let you in on one of my many random secrets. It isn't a secret like "I stole her necklace" or "I eat cat food" (both just examples and definitely not TRUE!), This secret is more of an obsession..... I have this random obsession with Moustaches. Not on myself (I think I would struggle trying to grow one)... not even on my boyfriends or friends.. I think it's simply the idea of a crazy curled up hairy thing dancing on the top of your lip that gets me excited. My secret obsession nearly led me to start a blog about the epic facial bristles but I found this amazing blog Fuck Yeah Moustaches and decided mine couldnt compare. Seriously, I dont know where it even streamed from. The idea of some skinny noob twisting away at his lovely mouth locks makes me laugh. They are both seedy and attractive and practically any man who can grow one, should at one stage, sport one. Even after posting this, the fascination of the hairy nose caterpillar goes on. Enjoy mine as much as I will enjoy yours!

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