Monday, 22 August 2011

Dancers By Aaron Jessop

Dance for many people is an outlet for the massive build-up of angst and/or creative energies which are brought on by day to day life. Dancers are often envied for their smoking hot bodies, freedom of movement and also being able to get away with twitching and making strange noises which in any other scenario would be seen as psychologically unstable. As a young man who can barely touch his knees let alone his toes, I find the sometimes unbelievably graceful and challenging choreography becomes an unsettling reminder of the fact that I probably should have started  stretching out my uber-lanking legs a long time ago. However I still hold on to the hope that I might one day be a ninja who can backflip off a bus, fly kick a panda in the face and land upside-down suspended on one thumb.

Unfortunately, like any other claustrophobically knit community, dancers are constantly at risk of over exposure to one another. Over time this can cause serious cases of passive aggression, inbred relationships and casual bitching. Having spent fourteen years as a member of a small class at a non-conventional “hippy school”, I am no stranger to these symptoms. It is important to understand that dancers, like everyone else, are human beings and will adapt to their surroundings accordingly. By working in such a close proximity, dancers achieve an indestructible bond which for better or worse may very well exist for the rest of their lives.

The complete openness and vulnerable nature of this beautiful art form often seeps into the very life of the performer. This can lead to dancers having very colourful and sometimes quirky personalities. These traits can be amplified by lack of sleep and the occasional party binge. This constant battering of their bodies leaves dancers very prone to injury. Certain measures are taken to prevent such injuries. These include but are not limited to: long baths, foam rollers, recreational yoga and arduous massage given by their physiotherapists and/or current partner.

I will conclude that despite their misunderstood and frankly confusing oddities. The general population has accepted dancers as an important part of modern society. Not only are we pleased to have such a unique brand of human being as our friends, family members and partners, we are enthralled that there are still people out there who are willing to dedicate their lives to do the things that we can only dream of doing in order to enlighten and entertain. For that we are grateful.

By Aaron Jessop. (Who needs to start his own blog for sure.)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reckless Abandonment

Hi. I'm a pair of shoes.
I have two halves, but together we create a whole.
I am brown, worn by a man and can fit many sizes. (I'll squeeze anyone into my heart).
I am a type of shoe that takes you places. I can protect your feet from most terrains. Pavement.. Sand.. Dirt.. Grass.. Carpet.. Rocks.. Mud..  Multi Terrainer!!
I lost my owner one day, and made my way under this tree to protect myself.
It was a long and treacherous hike to get here, but I wont bore you of a story about my pain and sadness. If you've seen him, can you let him know I'm safe and unharmed.
Come find me, and be my friend. I need some friends.
I'm starting to get lonely and the ants hurt my sole.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Invading my Mind

So yesterday while getting ready for Uni in the morning, I heard this crazy noise that sounded like some Alien spaceship was above my house. Since then, all I have thought about is what I would do if we were invaded by aliens. This either means I read way too many fantasy books or my life is so monotonous, I want something insane like an alien invasion to occur to throw me into survival mode. I know its a crazy thought... but who can honestly say they know what they would do in a situation like that? Think about it........Would you bunker down in your house and hope the Government deals with it all? Would you crumble under the pressure or be the first to die? Or would you be the leader of a crazy guerrilla gang that hides out and screws around with the invaders? And then on top of all that what are the aliens here for? Resources, our planet or us?! What kills the Aliens? How do they hunt out humans? Insane thoughts but if it happened tomorrow i may just be the only person you know who has even contemplated the situation haha. But honestly, this thought is plaguing my mind so much recently I'm thinking about writing a book based on a group of people randomly teaming up and defeating the invading alien race... NOT to be mistaken with something like Tomorrow, when the War Began! It'll be different, I swear (though i do recommend reading that series, It is an amazing story). Anyway, think about Alien invasions, random Zombie outbreaks and the like. You never know when you are gonna be thrown in the deep end...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Music to my Ears

Ever sit there listening to the radio, some random song comes on and you are instantly in love? Yet the person next to you insists you turn that crap off? I constantly think about how strange we humans are, and that each and every person has their own crazy taste in music. Some like Norwegian Black metal. Some people delve into the likes of Space Synth or Chip Tune. Others immerse themselves in Indie Electro, Punk Rock, Top 40's, Aussie Hip Hop and so on.

Now you can turn around and say TB you are an idiot. EVERYONE is different. Everyone likes different things whether it be taste, style, fashion, men, women, whatever. I get it. But i think about all these unique intricacies that make us into the complex beings we are today and am just blown away that these little random things on the side of our heads (which are totally hideous may I add) can take in different wave frequencies and then deliver that to our brains which decides if we enjoy what we are listening to or not.

I cannot possibly describe my music style. I have such an eclectic collection that spans so many different genres it's hard to keep track these days. You can hear me listening to artists like Ryoji Ikeda, Keith Urban, EnyaAnberlin, Breathe Carolina, Cat StevensI see Stars, The Carpenters, Mayday ParadeThe Postal Service, Counting Crows and The Wombats. Im totally digging old school 90's and 80's music like Toto and 5ive, but also love a bit of Blink 182 to liven up the day. There is so much music available to love and enjoy and have a cheeky dance to, that I find it so hard to take in all of the ever changing culture that music is. The best I can do is max out a hard drive full of music and contemplate how random sounds made via instruments or electronics can stimulate our brains and take us to different places in our thoughts. My good friend Davyd thinks that you can definitely judge a person by the music they listen to. I have no idea if thats true or not, but I sure as hell wonder what that says about me!!  Ears are weird....

Anyway embrace your own style, love your music, dance and sing terribly and support local bands!