Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Compilation Post

So, you are hearing this here first lucky kids! I have made an executive decision to create an installation work. It wont be dance though, it will be something I am yet to even start playing around with. I'm not sure how exactly to define it. I would tell you my idea..... but I think a secret will be way more interesting. All you can know is it involves a whole lot of questionnaires and footage of interviews and some other things I am yet to divulge.
I will however start asking people to get involved in creating this work with me, so if you are actually interested, give me a shout out on Face book or right here in the comments box.
In other news, The third year VCA kids have scored a gig at Red Bennie's on Chapel street on Thursday 27th October! Students from both Dance and Musical Theatre are going to get involved so come along and enjoy the show and support us in raising money for our graduation ball!!
And just to make this slightly more random, here is a wicked picture of a Wolf.
This is such a weird post hahaha, Enjoy!

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