Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Invading my Mind

So yesterday while getting ready for Uni in the morning, I heard this crazy noise that sounded like some Alien spaceship was above my house. Since then, all I have thought about is what I would do if we were invaded by aliens. This either means I read way too many fantasy books or my life is so monotonous, I want something insane like an alien invasion to occur to throw me into survival mode. I know its a crazy thought... but who can honestly say they know what they would do in a situation like that? Think about it........Would you bunker down in your house and hope the Government deals with it all? Would you crumble under the pressure or be the first to die? Or would you be the leader of a crazy guerrilla gang that hides out and screws around with the invaders? And then on top of all that what are the aliens here for? Resources, our planet or us?! What kills the Aliens? How do they hunt out humans? Insane thoughts but if it happened tomorrow i may just be the only person you know who has even contemplated the situation haha. But honestly, this thought is plaguing my mind so much recently I'm thinking about writing a book based on a group of people randomly teaming up and defeating the invading alien race... NOT to be mistaken with something like Tomorrow, when the War Began! It'll be different, I swear (though i do recommend reading that series, It is an amazing story). Anyway, think about Alien invasions, random Zombie outbreaks and the like. You never know when you are gonna be thrown in the deep end...

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