Saturday, 25 June 2011

Viva La Revolution

Soundwave is no new festival on the block. It occurs at the end of Summer, has a range of Rock, Metal and Punk bands and plays in every major city around Australia. It first originated in Perth before moving to each capital city in 07/08. Ive been to every Soundwave held in Melbourne, seeing bands like All Time Low, Anberlin, Bloodhound Gang, We the Kings, The Rocket Summer and Saosin. Absolute pro festival if you ask me. Anyway... Due to high demands for Bands wanting to tour Australia in the late September period, a spin off festival 'Soundwave Revolution' was created and is rumoured to be a once off event for 2011. Van Halen is headlining with Panic! at the Disco, Bad Religion and Alice Cooper in toe. Over the last few months, a facebook page slowly leaked information about the so called "Revolution", until finally the plans for a new festival were let loose. You should have seen what the Metal heads were writing when the first punk bands were announced, total sooks. While its gonna be a sick as day, holding it in Melton isnt really the best of venues(Melbourne).... Ive never even heard of that place.... Checkout the page, buy some tickets, and join me. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

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