Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Nederlands Dans Theater

My brain was out the window, down the road and non-existent in my body. I had limbs and a torso with the ability to bend, twist, twirl and manipulate.. Yet the powerhub sending out the movement information had disappeared completely. As though it had been forced backward and remained stuck somewhere in the depths of my thoughts. There was no sight behind my eyes, and no sound penetrating my ears, yet I saw and heard and experienced and felt the others moving around the space. I could feel the floor... The wind my body created... I could hear my breath as my body moved freely around the space. All that I had learnt, that had been conditioned in my body, had taken a backseat. So far back that it could hardly be percieved as ever being there to begin with. Natural, untrained impulses guided my limbs and torso throughout the space. Auethentic Movement. Being only in the moment. The moment that I created. Again. And again...... Start again.

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