Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Five Songs to Sing About

1. Bronte by Gotye
So if you haven't already gotten into the newest Gotye Album , Making Mirrors, I strongly suggest you do!  This guy sure isn't some kind of one hit wonder that's for sure. Wally De Backer (Gotye) has an obsession with animated films, cartooning and graphic novels and he brings these loves to life through his film clips. The song Bronte is amazing, but his coinciding film clip takes the cake. I hardly watch music videos these days, but this is already the second one from Gotye I can watch over and over again.

2. The Youth by MGMT
Whilst I have known the band for a very long time, I only recently heard this song during rehearsals with Brooke Stamp for our Graduating Dance Season at the VCA. This was the first time I sat here and watched the film clip and it is HILARIOUS! The red head takes the cake for the best dance moves. Such a chilled song that keeps me sane on the tuna-like morning tram rush.

3.Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart
Yes.. That's right.... A song about Mario Kart you can sing to your loved ones and guarantees to have any girl fall at your feet (taking into account she even knows what Mario Kart is). Shown to me two years ago by my talented music buddy Myles Anderson to help get us through dreaded CFI classes, this song has remained alive and well on my ipod being listened to way too much for my own good. Sam Hart is a genius for creating this original Masterpiece. Who doesn't love a guy who sings, wears a fake moustache, and makes up songs about one of the best video games in the world? Trust me, you will love it.

4. Sure as Hell by This Providence
To be honest I cannot put my finger on the reason I love this song. Maybe it is the simplicity of the guitar.... maybe it's the lyrics... or Dan Young's amazing voice (Aussie Born Perfection of course). I'm not sure but I am in love anyway. Short but sure is sweeeeeeeetttttttt.

5.  Walk on Water or Drown by Mayday Parade
Last but definitely not the least. A song I have loved for a very long time. I saw these guys live at the start of the year (Soundwave 2011) and the whole place went off, I nearly died in the Mosh and had a beautiful boy save me from being completely suffocated by crazy crowd surfers. All in all a fabulous experience hahahha. Anyway, back to the subject of Mayday Parade. If you love this song you will love all of their Music and i strongly suggest you buy their Second Album 'A Lesson in Romantics"... I sadly know every word to every song on that thing. If this isn't your style, Check out their acoustic version HERE.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Peach Fuzz

Good Afternoon all. I realised that for a blog of my random thoughts, I haven't told you much about myself. So I decided it was high time to let you in on one of my many random secrets. It isn't a secret like "I stole her necklace" or "I eat cat food" (both just examples and definitely not TRUE!), This secret is more of an obsession..... I have this random obsession with Moustaches. Not on myself (I think I would struggle trying to grow one)... not even on my boyfriends or friends.. I think it's simply the idea of a crazy curled up hairy thing dancing on the top of your lip that gets me excited. My secret obsession nearly led me to start a blog about the epic facial bristles but I found this amazing blog Fuck Yeah Moustaches and decided mine couldnt compare. Seriously, I dont know where it even streamed from. The idea of some skinny noob twisting away at his lovely mouth locks makes me laugh. They are both seedy and attractive and practically any man who can grow one, should at one stage, sport one. Even after posting this, the fascination of the hairy nose caterpillar goes on. Enjoy mine as much as I will enjoy yours!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Compilation Post

So, you are hearing this here first lucky kids! I have made an executive decision to create an installation work. It wont be dance though, it will be something I am yet to even start playing around with. I'm not sure how exactly to define it. I would tell you my idea..... but I think a secret will be way more interesting. All you can know is it involves a whole lot of questionnaires and footage of interviews and some other things I am yet to divulge.
I will however start asking people to get involved in creating this work with me, so if you are actually interested, give me a shout out on Face book or right here in the comments box.
In other news, The third year VCA kids have scored a gig at Red Bennie's on Chapel street on Thursday 27th October! Students from both Dance and Musical Theatre are going to get involved so come along and enjoy the show and support us in raising money for our graduation ball!!
And just to make this slightly more random, here is a wicked picture of a Wolf.
This is such a weird post hahaha, Enjoy!