Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Buchan Scary

Happy New Year guys!!
To celebrate the rollover into 2012, the so called last year of earth, I wanted to share some thoughts I had during my own New Years celebrations. Whilst roughing it in a small campground near Buchan Caves, I was showering late at night in the camping amenities and was thinking about all the terrible things that could occur to me whilst enjoying the hot water. Surrounded by mountains and caves and untouched forest, god knows what could be lurking just outside ready to pounce on some unsuspecting victim. Here I was, in the last shower cubicle, and slowly I could hear the crying children, the old grandmother and the two drunken mother ducks leave the women's change rooms. Alone..... I couldn't help but continue to peer out from the shower curtain, expecting at any moment to see feet at my doorway or blood running down the communal plug holes. Over and over my mind clicked, thinking about all the terrible things that could happen to me in those ten minutes I spent under the hot water.... The lights could go out... someone could begin kicking shower doors in.... be waiting for me out in the dark undergrowth surrounding the change rooms... or  I could get trapped by a serial killer recently escaped from a mental asylum after years of abuse and be out for revenge on every last human being residing in Buchan...

I am very into my horror and thriller movies. I have watched a countless amount of amazing and also terrible horror flicks and the memory of those movies cannot help but swirl around in my mind when I am in a situation like that. But it got me thinking... do people who hate scary movies and never watch them, also have those types of thoughts... or do they simply have a feeling of dread that something COULD happen, but they cannot even begin to comprehend what actually might. I could sit there all night, referencing the movies I had seen, creating 100's of different scenarios that in reality.. could happen. But can someone without the prior horror movie knowledge do that?? I find that so interesting because who knows if that is simply spurred on by my wacky imagination.. or my understanding of gory, bone chilling movies that sometimes make you sick to the stomach. I would love to know what goes through peoples heads when they are alone, or scared, or hiding under the covers after hearing a scary noise outside their window. Man.... sometimes I wish I was telepathic...

but not as lame as Sookie.

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  1. I read the other day actually that the Mayans never predicted the end of the world ... it was just the year that their calendar ran out. It's like someone coming across a Gregorian calendar and being like 'OMG the world is going to end of December 31!'