Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting Creative

I know I'm a month late... But I decided on a whim to post this. Easter morning, my brother and sister were awoken by a slightly alternative present. I swapped the bunny for confectionary items all for a great excuse to write a zombie inspired short story. Enjoy uber noobs!

--------------------------THE 8TH OF APRIL 2012--------------------------
There’s Blood Everywhere. One second all was fine... sitting at my desk, drinking a can of coke whilst watching hilarious videos of fat people hurting themselves. The next second, Co-workers were ripping limbs off others, eating flesh and intestines, the power was out and all that could be heard were the sirens of far off help mixed up with the blood curdling screams of those around me.

I just ran. I had no idea where I was going, or who I was running from but I knew I had to hit the stairs, rocket down the 42 flights and somehow make it out of the city alive. Twice I tripped over shredded corpses, leaving my body covered in blood and me one step closer to becoming the next meal. I somehow managed to get down the stairs but the pandemonium that greeted me was just as bad. I have a feeling locking myself in the shower cubicle would have been a safer idea... The street was littered with bodies, People attacking others, Cops shooting anything that moved and the same blood curdling screams that I had heard all too much in the office building I assumed was safe. I ran down Elizabeth street, sweat dripping in my eyes, my stupid shoes had fallen off during the stair escapade, and I realise I had no phone and no contact to anyone who could possibly help.

I managed to hijack a car and made it home safely. I locked myself in, didn’t open up to my roommates and over the next few days I packed everything I thought I may need to survive the ongoing plague that has seemed to target the human race. The power is out. There is no hot water left. In fact all running water has ceased. It time to get moving, I’m thinking I will need to head north... Someplace up and out of the way... I think I may try to get to hanging rock and camp out till I hear anything more.

You finding this pack means I have either had my face ripped off, or hopefully, for my sake, I had to leave it behind. It holds many things that will help you on your journey. Keep it secret, Keep it safe! Each item holds special significance to your survival of what we have lovingly deemed “The Zombie Apocalypse”.
The Zombie blood I managed to collect... well you don’t want to know how I collected it. I heard it held special remedies to cure yourself if you were ever bitten... I didn’t want to take the chance but stored it specially anyway. Maybe you will be more game then I. The chews are a tasty snack that will raise your blood sugar levels and provide you with that extra hit of energy when chain sawing off one of those Bastard’s heads. The strontium is my own special mix of caffeine, high protein powder and nuclear goods the government gave me. I ran into a handful of them whilst moving to higher ground. Everything else inside will hopefully find some benefit to you, as it didn’t find any for me.​Stay away from the main roads and do not... DO NOT go into the city centre... They lied when they said that there was an army set up to help. You are well and truly on your own.​​​​​

                                                                                                                                       Good luck.

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