Tuesday, 27 March 2012


After four months of not dancing and two months of full-time work, I am starting to feel a difference throughout my entire body. Not having to exercise for six hours a day anymore, I've lost strength, muscle definition and the simple urge to move! I go running every now and then.. and I do a hell of a lot of walking every single day..but still it's not enough!
Then to add onto the exercise problem, I also can no longer eat anything I want to. Last year, I lived off salt and vinegar chips and coke, but nowadays I feel like the fattest chick in the world when I sit at home and pig out.
I know I'm not the only one in this position... you get stuck in a constant cycle of rushing to work, sitting in an office all day, finishing late and then being way to exhausted to do anything remotely energetic.. The only problem with this 'cycle' is the fact it is doing nothing for my inner thighs!!
I guess it doesn't help that I'm the laziest girl in existence and I would much rather lie in a park and read then go do laps of the Tan.
Gym memberships are ridiculously expensive, organic food eats into my wallet and the closest yoga joint has weirdo class hours that I can never make in time...

I know I know.... I'm making SO many excuses.... but don't you worry... this head space is about to take part in a major shift.. If only I can keep a hold of the motivation I now have!

This blog started as a regular bitch about prices and lack of time to exercise and has now turned into a full on pledge. You read it here first! Truly Beats is going on a life changing health kick**.. All advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

** Weekends not included hahaha

On a random side note, I have started an official Truly Beats TWITTER and FACEBOOK PAGE. Follow me and you wont be disappointed! You will get all the latest updates on my photography, filming and life endeavours.. including this fat beats weight loss!!!

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  1. Haha is this why you were asking how to make a page? Well there was some free time you could have used! Two of my friends have inspirational exercise blogs - focuses on their journey's but might be nice to read:

    http://hannahksvermeulen.blogspot.com.au/ - doesn't update much, but you can look at past stuff.